Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SHM One Last Tour Final Show Announcement

If you watched the video then you know that Swedish House Mafia will be OPENING and CLOSING out ULTRA 2012. If i end up going to Ultra this item around, ill probably aim for the second weekend just to see Swedish House Mafia's last show, which ill naturally assume will be EPIC.

Friday, November 2, 2012

UN Is Just A Childhood Memory At Best

Let’s be honest here. UN was a fun place to go when you and your friends did not have many options due to age limits in downtown clubs, at least the ones that enforced age limits. Paying a $10 cover and having open bar for 2 hours is a sweet deal even now, but when you had at most a part time job and no money it was even better; you didn't even care how cheap the alcohol was.  All of this made UN popular with a young crowd years ago and it was no surprise that both the bottom and top floors were almost always packed; regardless if someone you knew threw a birthday party there or not.

Like Stereo on Diversey Ave, UN has a specific feel to it because of the crowd, which was always young.  Sometimes we used to call it the high school reunion spot because on any given weekend half of your graduation class was there.

As the crowd grew older and started to explore downtown Chicago UN has become a faded memory where the good times used to be had.  This was apparent when I walked in a few weeks ago due to someone’s random request to go check it out. The place was empty. Literally you could count on both hands the amount of people that were there including the bartender and DJ.

I’d avoid UN at all costs. I’d rather pay $7 for a drink somewhere else. The music here is outdated and unlikely to make you want to dance. Even if you are in a dancing mood there’s no one else to dance with anyway, so why even bother showing up. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The MiD emerges on Top

I’d be lying if I said that the MiD has NOT become one of my favorite clubs in the past year,  mainly because of the huge amount of great talent that goes through this place all year round.  Whether it’s a huge party weekend, a concert or festival after party, or just a weekend in Chicago you are almost guaranteed to have  some great talent go through the MiD’s doors. This creates a good reputation which makes people come back and come back they do as there is almost always a line outside this place after 11:30 (after most free entrance offers expire).

Location wise The MiD is close to a few other spots like 8fifty8, Lumen and Victor Hotel. So like Proof it’s a good place to start or finish your night as you have a few other options within walking distance. Most of the time I've heard people starting off at Lumen which closes at 2 and finish at the MiD which closes at 4.

The MiD is a three level space with an amphitheater type of set up around the slightly elevated Dj stage. When you walk in you reach a staircase, when following it downstairs you see a coach check room and some bathrooms. On the main floor you have two bars lining opposite walls with a dance floor/bottle service seating. Depending on the night there might be a smaller dance floor with lots of seats behind it or just a full dance floor.  In front of the dance floor is the slightly elevated Dj booth. I say slightly because when you put your hands up the Dj can pretty much high five you which makes for an intimate atmosphere.  Upstairs you have another bar on one side of the “U” shaped upstairs balcony and on the other you have seating. In the middle you have more clean and spacious bathrooms.  Whether you are on the first floor or on the second you’ll always have a great vantage point of the Dj booth which is great.

The only thing that blemished this specific visit to The MiD was the fact that the lights were turned on at 3:30am and everyone was being asked t o leave. Now I’m not educated in Chicago law and ordinances so I’m not sure  if this was done because everyone has to be out of there by closing time 4am BUT if I’m paying a cover to party till 4am I expect to party till 4am, not 3:30am and be asked to leave.

Besides the one blemish the MiD is a place every Chicagoan should visit and experience at least once. Most will return, more than once for that matter. The MiD does well what many clubs in Chicago don’t do, they bring in the necessary talent to keep things fresh and the people coming back. Having a good resident Dj as Nathan Scott does not hurt also. I hope to see you at the MiD sometime and I come here frequently.